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The world's first permanent video conference portal launched the ctiforum (ctiforum. With three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement com). On May 14 (compiler/Lao Qin): collaboration squared, a global collaboration and conference service provider and developer, recently announced the arrival of video window. This is the world's first permanent video conferencing portal, designed to improve team performance

by installing two or more video devices in the office, the company can realize 24-hour connection and eliminate the physical boundaries of the workplace. According to Daryl Hutchings, CEO of collaboration squared, the company is committed to supporting interpersonal relationships. They believe that the best collaboration technology can bring the team together for important dialogues, which is why the team decided to build video window

this product is not only a traditional conference service, but also aims to simplify the communication between teams in multiple offices. This service will make employees feel that they are working in the same office, no matter where they are

simple video conferencing

collaboration squared's patent pending technology enables devices to permanently connect to their distribution groups at certain times of the day. When the connection is lost, the device will automatically reconnect, and there is no need to download applications or schedule. Its functions include:

tapping remote sites: if you don't mute and your team members don't, you can just click the screen to make a tapping sound to the other side to attract their attention

choose to add audio: in the era of increasingly important employee privacy, by default, the audio with speed difference between the power input and power output of the two position clutch will be turned off. This means that people's voices can only be heard when the add audio button is pressed. If someone forgets to turn off the audio, it will resume turning off by default after the timer expires

privacy mode: users can manually set the privacy timer and turn off the audio and video in the site at a fixed time in developed markets such as Western Europe and North America

overnight sleep mode: when people are not in the office, the system will turn off to save bandwidth and power. Then, the device can automatically reopen the

whiteboard at the set time: any device in the group can start the digital whiteboard setting and use the active device to collaborate on the canvas. The whiteboard is translucent, so you can still see your colleagues

external meetings: when you need to join the video conference from the device, the SIP Video Dialer will be installed in the video window. This allows you to leave window mode and connect to preferred conferencing services, including Microsoft teams, Cisco meeting server, bluejeans, zoom, pexip, etc

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according to collaboration industry analyst David maldow, video window provides an impressive natural workflow experience for the company. This solution helps encourage users to adopt video technology to maintain remote team connections. People connect automatically and work as if they were in the same office

collaboration squared is currently providing a beta version of video window, and its complete product is planned to be released globally in June

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