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Public cloud providers Amazon, Microsoft and Google collectively launched storage services

on February 25, when Microsoft released azure file storage services, Amazon also upgraded its file system storage. In addition, Google has also launched coldstorage (i.e., storage of unused data) services to compete with Amazon's Glacier backup service

in response to the market's growing demand for computing power and data management, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, three public cloud service giants, strengthened their storage services in 2015

different from the situation in previous years, public cloud storage service providers are no longer only the basic materials produced by two large chemical projects in the United States and Saudi Arabia to attract customers based on price advantages. Technological differentiation has increasingly become the selling point of services

Microsoft also upgraded its storage cloud service, including the update of stor simple product line. These giants are trying to expand their ecological influence. Jeff Kato, senior storage analyst at Taneja group, a cloud storage service provider, said: many storage manufacturers are committed to integrating public cloud with their own products, and almost all backup and recovery manufacturers are also trying to make their products seamlessly connect with cloud storage

in 2015, Amazon achieved a sharp increase in revenue on AWS (its revenue in the third quarter reached more than $2billion), thereby consolidating its leading position in the cloud market. In Gartner's magic quadrant of public cloud storage services in 2015, Amazon also took the lead, followed by Microsoft and Google

some customers use more than 100pb, which proves the scale of Amazon cloud services and the trust of customers. Gartner said in the report: AWS has built an effective ecosystem, which provides great convenience for customers to manage, analyze and protect underlying data by cooperating with various SaaS manufacturers. The API of Amazon S3 service is supported by many technical partners. It is a cloud storage API widely welcomed by enterprise application developers

in 2015, Amazon's major improvement in cloud storage services is the cross regional replication function, that is, every storage object uploaded to S3 will be copied to the storage of other AWS partitions

Microsoft extended file storage function

in 2015, Microsoft released azure file storage, which realized the correspondence between files and azurepageblob. The file storage service is based on SMB protocol

it is not simply based on Windows file server. We have made a lot of innovations in azure file storage. Mark R, chief technology officer of Microsoft azure cloud, learned from the meeting that ussinovich wrote in a blog in October: in order to take advantage of the scalability of azure storage, azure file storage uses smb3.0 protocol specifically for azure stack, which has been running on a large scale

in December 2015, Microsoft also released a function that allows workloads to connect to stor simple cloud customs. For example, stor simple virtual array allows enterprises to expand the scale of primary storage remotely; The new stor simple cloud appliance is based on virtual machines in azure. In order to improve performance, it also uses solid state disk (SSD) as local storage; As part of the stor simple8000 series, the stor simple cloud appliance can also store files separately from azure, thereby ensuring that applications with high real-time requirements can be free from data transmission delays

Google releases new functions in coldstorage

in 2015, Google not only released the cloud storage system nearline, but also further strengthened its partnership with enterprise infrastructure manufacturers, such as jointly promoting the construction of hybrid cloud with VMware. At the same time, Google focuses on big data services, such as bigquery service based on cloud storage

the release of nearline, a cloud storage service, sounded the clarion call of Google to declare war on Amazon AWS and Microsoft azure. For users who migrate from other cloud service providers or their own systems, Google has specially developed a switchand save plan to provide 100pb free storage for up to six months. In addition, Google has also implemented the continuous service of cloud storage transfer (formerly online cloud import), which allows users to write data to Google clod storage and transfer data between different object storage containers (buckets)

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