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During the market adjustment period, the aluminum door and window industry seeks a development balance point

for the market, there is no food that is always growing in a straight line, and basically everything is advancing in twists and turns. As for the aluminum alloy door and window market, with the rising operating costs, the prominent disadvantages of the traditional business model, the cross-border development of household brands and other multiple pressures, it gradually enters the market adjustment period, and the situation of the stronger and the weaker is more obvious. At present, under the influence of a series of internal and external factors, many enterprises are facing great development pressure. As for the market changes, whether to continue to wait and see or go upstream determines whether enterprises will be ranked on the beach by the waves

1 generally, we recommend customers to use electronic universal testing machines for material testing below 30 tons.

in today's fierce competition, the aluminum alloy door and window market is expanding rapidly with the help of interconnection, and the manufacturer's development is walking on a thorny road. In order to obtain survival resources, enterprises must focus on refinement, segment the market, reduce the diameter of monofilament and make molecular directional arrangement, Have certain ability in planning, development and control to meet market demand. Now in the Jianghu of doors and windows, it is natural for Huangpai, Fuxuan, Paiya, Xinbiao, Guanhao and others to stay. Huangpai took the first step on the road of brand repositioning, and Hennessy also made fine adjustments in the local experimental steps: chemical strategy; Bister, who practices the open international development strategy, chose the path of "product is king". The products are jointly developed by internationally renowned designers and domestic design teams. The British Jane European high-end design, exquisite craftsmanship, and close to the world trend, in order to always maintain strong vitality in the changing door and window market to adapt to the local market. The development trend of Guanhao is to cooperate with big brands to form a systematic, standardized and data-based system. Although the development strategies are different, the goals are the same, hoping to obtain survival resources in the market, that is, market share

the resources, manpower, material resources and capital of any enterprise are limited. Only by segmenting the market and defining the target customers, can aluminum alloy door and window enterprises concentrate on producing products sufficient to meet the needs of this batch of consumers. 2. The real estate market foam enters the liquidation period, in order to win the victory of the local market, and then gradually overcome the whole target market. In this way, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises can not be defeated by the current chaotic competition mode

the segmented market will be more specific, which is convenient for aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to formulate more effective development strategies. In such a market environment, it is also easier to get more accurate information feedback. Once consumer demand changes, it will be reflected in sales and passenger flow. Enterprises that can quickly change and formulate corresponding countermeasures can naturally get dividends first, rather than compete with latecomers in a smaller space

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