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Lighting industry 2005 review and 2006 outlook

Abstract: 2005 was an unsettled year for the lighting industry. No matter foreign brands, national brands, production fields or sales terminals, they have experienced some noticeable changes in the coming 2005. These changes have more or less affected the development of the lighting industry

key words: review and Prospect of the lighting industry 2005 is an unsettled year for the lighting industry. No matter foreign brands, national brands, production fields or sales terminals, they have experienced some noticeable changes in the coming 2005. These changes have more or less affected the development of the lighting industry. 1. The change of big brands in 2005 began with the "slimming plan" of Philips Lighting and the channel change of Rex 4.15. In 2005, well-known lighting brands more or less shocked and concerned the industry. Some were happy, some were sad, and some were skeptical. Philips Lighting: after feeling the pain of overstaffed channels, poor channel management, the proliferation of counterfeit products, and the decline in sales, at the beginning of this year, it vigorously wielded its "butcher's knife" to carry out a national "slimming plan", reducing the number of original 500 or 600 dealers in the country to less than 100, greatly reducing channel costs, and effectively monitoring the market, The annual sales volume is expected to achieve the target of increasing by 15% - 25% over last year. Toshiba lighting: on October 28, 2004, Toshiba lighting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing, which increased the control of Toshiba lighting in the joint venture to 95.3%. Toshiba's move is aimed at the huge building lighting market for large-scale events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Although this was an event last year, 2005 was the year after the reorganization that Toshiba (China) really aimed at the sports building lighting market, and had a more positive and fierce confrontation with Philips and other lighting giants. Rex lighting: Rex lighting spent 2005 amid people's discussion. From the initial "perfect storm" to the 35 major operation centers on April 15, to the "Rainbow Action" and "Les Roches Cup" lighting designer competition, and finally to the personnel adjustment not long ago, les Roches' experience can be described as twists and turns. However, after the channel reform as a pathfinder, Rex lighting has undergone cruel market tests and gained rich practical experience, which gives people reason to expect Rex to leap in 2006. Lanneng appliances: for lanneng, 2005 was a year of joy and expansion. Since the completion of the industrial park covering an area of 200000 square meters last year, at the beginning of March 2005, lanneng invested heavily in the comprehensive acquisition of Guangdong bellere electric, and advanced into the ventilation field with a high profile; On December 2, lanneng electric signed a cooperation agreement with Honeywell, the world's top 500, in the Great Hall of the people to graft resources and achieve channel penetration. At the same time, lanneng also announced the formation of three main businesses: lighting, electrician and ventilation. Sanxiong · Aurora: for Sanxiong · aurora in 2005, the most influential measure in the industry was to carry out the "light health free clinic" nationwide. Not to mention how much profit, at least it has won the intangible asset of market reputation. TCL lighting: from January to November 2005, TCL lighting was relatively stable, and all work was carried out in an orderly manner. However, since t won the title of "the 9th consumer satisfaction unit in Jinan", CL international electrician was transferred to Legrand, France on December 10, TCL lighting has been involved in various suspicions in the industry. However, general manager Liao Kun stood up and said: TCL Group has no plan to sell its lighting business, and TCL lighting will still do its best for the development of national industry. TCP lighting: this Chinese American brand, which beat the world's three major lighting giants in the United States and has been the top seller of energy-saving lamps in the United States for five consecutive years, has won a lot of light for China. In 2005, she returned to China with infinite feelings of serving the country and a sincere heart, and gave back to Chinese consumers with high-quality products. In a short period of more than half a year in China, TCP has shown her kingly demeanor. She hopes to continue to be brilliant in her own land, that is, to win pride for the Chinese people on the basis of different fixtures. Foshan Lighting: this year's Foshan Lighting can be described as an eventful autumn. The share price that has never fallen has fallen for some time this year, and the decline is not as small as another article on the failure of PEUU heart valve. The speculation about Foshan Lighting from all walks of life has never stopped, and various rumors on the Internet have also caused a certain blow to Foshan Lighting. However, after all, Foshan Lighting soon regained its skills and accelerated the construction of Gaoming Industrial Park and finalized the final related matters of state-owned shares. But just when the storm calmed down, on December 21, Zhong Xincai, a 62 year old man who had been in charge of the Buddha photo for 26 years, resigned as general manager, but still held the post of chairman. This makes people wonder: Foshan Lighting has begun to consider the issue of successors... In the course of 2005, there are many undisclosed or unmentioned brands. Let's engrave them on the historical stone tablets of 2005 and let the years seal them up. 2. Channel change channel change is the word with the highest frequency in the lighting industry this year. In the phenomenon of channel change, three more words come into people's minds from time to time: Operation Center, franchise and chain stores. The operation center began in Les Roches, followed by Qianli lighting, aux lighting, etc. They come with ferocity and speed. In a relatively short time, in major cities across the country, therefore, in order to achieve good electroplating results, we must pay attention to pre plating treatment and set up an operation center to completely sink management and services. No matter whether people make any right or wrong evaluation of this model, and whether the implementation of the operation center model has achieved the expected goals, it is not important. What is important is that they have brought more discovery and innovation to the lighting industry. In the field of lighting, when Suntory lighting started the implementation of the first franchise store in China, many lighting brands also tested the water one after another. Although there are still many deficiencies in the "Four Unifications" between many enterprises and the franchise model: unified products, unified image, unified price and unified service, at least people have affirmed this model. Chain stores are the performance of sales terminal reform, and Heli Bocheng and others are the main representatives of chain stores. Register

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