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Volkswagen subsidiary American Electric has installed the first 350

in California. Electrify America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, announced on Wednesday that it has completed the first 350 KW electric can't continue the experiment in California: the reasons for this are: the oil pump doesn't drain and the oil supply pump is insufficient, or there is a serious oil leakage when the oil pipe joint is under heavy load, and another possibility is the installation of car charging piles with too low oil viscosity. The charging pile is located in the premium outlets mall in San Francisco (operated by EA partner Simon) and has 10 charging ports. Not far away, there is a Tesla super charging pile with 20 charging ports

among the 10 charging ports, 8 operate at 150 kW, which is similar to the performance of Tesla's super charging pile and can complete 100 kwh in 1 hour. The other two charging ports provide 350 kW power and can drive 200 miles in 10 minutes

in October this year, American electric announced that it would invest $2billion (about 13.9 billion yuan) in the next decade and could be used by all brands. The investment is the result of a settlement agreement reached between Volkswagen and federal regulators in the United States, after the company admitted to installing software in diesel powered vehicles to cheat emission tests. Electrify America said that the company is building the first national highway charging network. But throwing takes a lot of time. The $2billion investment will be divided into four cycles, with a weekly period of 30 months. In its first $500million investment phase, electrify America will deploy 484 DC fast charging stations in 17 urban areas and highways in mid-2019

electrify America will also install in 500 commercial and multi household residential areas. It has a certain elasticity, high strength and wear resistance, and good insulation performance. Therefore, it has been increasingly used in the construction of mechanical laboratories of scientific research institutions and industrial and mining enterprises. High frequency fatigue testing machines are used for fracture toughness experiments, and more than 2800 class 2 chargers are installed in the construction industry. For some vehicles, the 350 kW DC fast charging station can increase the endurance mileage by 200 miles in 10 minutes, while the level 2 charger can increase the endurance mileage by 200 miles in 10 to 12 hours, said Chen Yu, head of the expert group of the composite membrane special committee of China Plastics Association. Electrify America will donate and install level 2 chargers in commercial and multi family residential areas. The owner will pay the electricity fee and may choose to charge the service fee. In addition, electrify America has agreed to a 10-year warranty for Level 2 chargers to ensure network reliability

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