Aluminum surged nearly 2 in the hottest period, bo

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According to foreign news on July 13, London Aluminum futures rose nearly 2% on Thursday, recording the largest one-day increase in nearly three months, driven by concerns that China, a major producer, may restrict supply

analysts said that there were rumors that China would further reduce production capacity, which fuelled more widespread concerns about the slowdown in production and pushed up market prices. An industry association said last month that China would take action to combat the illegal expansion of production capacity

Robin, an analyst at Societe Generale, "like today's sports equipment 1, BHAR said," there are rumors that China will close some more refineries because the regulatory and supervisory action is still continuing. It seems that China's supply side reform has once again become the focus, which has stimulated some buying of the fund. "

in addition, aluminum inventories on the London Metal Exchange (LME) hit the lowest level since 2008 this week. LME aluminum inventory decreased by 6525 tons to 1386100 tons on Thursday, approaching the nearly nine-year low hit this week

at 17:00 on July 13, London time (00:00 on July 14, Beijing time), the three-month aluminum on the London Metal Exchange (LME) closed without a deal. The final bid was $1922.50 per ton, up 1.7%, hitting the daily high of $1943 earlier

Rusal expects the global aluminum supply shortage to expand to 10000 tons next year, and 1.3 million tons this year

three month copper closed 0.5% lower at US $5875 per ton

the average annual spot prices of copper, aluminum, lead and zinc fell by 16.8%, 10.2%, 5.5% and 4.1% respectively year-on-year

customs data released on Thursday showed that China's imports of unwrought copper and copper products in June were unchanged from 390000 tons in May, reflecting the downward trend of refined copper imports since this year. According to customs data, China's copper imports totaled 2.23 million tons in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 18.4%

since the beginning of this year, China's refined copper imports have declined. Due to the strengthening of the government's credit control over the US dollar, and the rebound in copper prices at the beginning of this year, a large number of scrap copper have poured into the market, prompting buyers to repurchase scrap copper with lower prices

the Argentine Federal Court suspended the operation of Glencore's aluminum copper and gold mine in the name of environmental pollution. The mine, located in Catamarca Province in northwest Argentina, was originally scheduled to close next year. Glencore owns 50% of the shares

the three-month zinc closed down 1% to close at 2803.53 per ton, down from a minimum of $0

three month lead fell 1.4% to close at US $2294 per ton

at the same time, the three-month tin fell 0.5% to US $19805 per ton to avoid being injured by the splashing of the washed sample

three month nickel rose 0.1% to close at US $9215 per ton

Philippine President duterte promised to end the mining deadlock on Wednesday, but warned mining enterprises not to pollute the environment. Since February, the fate of more than half of the 41 mines in the Philippines has been pending. At that time, environment minister Regina Lopez ordered the closure of 22 mines and the suspension of the operation of four other mines

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