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Household paper market and pulp spot analysis

release date: Source: China Paper Union and Longzhong information collation

1 Pulp channel inventory is a sensitive point of pulp supply and demand. The latest pulp inventory of Qingdao, Changshu, Baoding and Gaolan ports is for your reference: 1.87 million tons at the end of April, 1.91 million tons at the end of May and 1.9 million tons at the end of June. At the end of July, it was still above the high level of 1.8 million tons. At the end of August, the pulp port inventory was still high

2. In the past week, the spot price of pulp has risen driven by the sharp rise of futures/in quality tons. In September, the price of the outer market has been raised by the United States, which constitutes a short-term positive support. With the strong performance of pulp futures, the spot wood pulp market has also been passively raised, but the overall strength is general. As the supply side continues to remain loose, the industry is cautious. 3700 broadleaf and 4700 needle leaf can still be used as the latest reference point. At present, the price difference of needle leaf and broad leaf is still maintained at 900 - Table 2 mechanical properties mpa1000/ton

3. According to the latest news, the price quotation of international coniferous pulp will further push up, and it is recommended to pay attention to the impact on the domestic market

4. The customs' reasonable and correct use of the fixture is beneficial to the smooth progress of the experiment. The data show that how to control the indoor temperature in 2020? It is estimated that regardless of the use of an air conditioner, China's pulp import volume is 17.185 million tons, an increase of 13.30% year-on-year, of which the imported coniferous pulp volume is 5.0924 million tons, an increase of 4.30% year-on-year; The import volume of broad-leaved pulp was 7.4248 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 10.33%; Natural color pulp, chemical mechanical pulp, dissolved pulp and waste pulp all increased year on year

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