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Analysis of the domestic offset blanket Market

blanket is a necessity for offset printing. Although it accounts for a small proportion in the cost of offset printing consumables, it plays an important role in the quality of printed products. With the development and changes of domestic offset printing, how does the domestic offset blanket market adapt? What will happen in the future

review the five-year development process

according to the summary of statistical data provided by the printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, the production and sales of blanket from 2001 to 2005 are shown in Table 1

(1) the production capacity of domestic printing blanket manufacturers has exceeded the actual market demand, with an average production capacity of 30% ~ 40%, and the equipment start-up rate of some manufacturers is even only 20% ~ 30%. In order to avoid oversupply, resulting in overstocking of inventory and non circulation of funds, manufacturers are adjusting their actual output according to the sales market information they have obtained. The extensive mode of expanding production has been abandoned by manufacturers, and the risk of capital re entering the blanket production and manufacturing field is also increasing

(2) due to the inconvenient data collection of imported offset blanket, according to the relevant information, the domestic demand for offset blanket in the whole year is about 1million ~ 1.2 million square meters, which is about 20% of the total global demand

(3) the annual sales volume of domestic offset printing blanket increases one after another, and there is no trend curve of annual growth. It may be related to the fluctuation of import sales volume in each year, which is caused by factors such as foreign exchange rate, import channels, import manufacturers and domestic agents, as well as the production proportion of domestic manufacturers' cushion rubber blanket and air cushion rubber blanket and the actual demand change of the market for this proportion

(4) the annual export volume of domestic manufacturers shows a growth trend curve, which indicates that after years of hard work, the production technology of domestic offset printing blanket has been greatly improved and improved, and the "m a d e I NC h i n a" offset printing blanket produced by various manufacturers is being accepted by some foreign markets. Of course, the export methods are international brands, such as Meiji blanket Meiji blanket; There are also self owned brands, such as xingpai, Hongye, Chunlei, sanding, etc; There are also neutral packaging, OEM and other products

independent brands gather in Shanghai

after years of market competition, there are still 10 domestic offset blanket manufacturers, including 8 member units of the equipment branch of China printing and equipment industry association, with a total annual sales of 296million yuan

Meiji blanket Meiji blanket is an international famous brand. Since its establishment in 1991, Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. has continuously improved its internal skills based on the technology, management and business philosophy of Meiji, Japan. The product quality is stable and has won the deep love of users at home and abroad. Especially in november2003, after the successful completion of the expansion and relocation project of Baoshan new factory, the new plant and new equipment greatly improved the production capacity and increased the number of new products. In 2005, the sales volume was 41% of the national total, and the export volume was 33% of the national total. In February2006, it obtained the uksgs quality management system certification

Chunlei and Vulcan Vulcan Vulcan blanket

Chunlei was a brand registered by the former Shanghai printing equipment manufacturer in the 1980s, and once occupied 50% of the national solid cushion blanket market. Vulcan Vulcan blanket is a famous brand in Europe and owned by Reeves company in the United States. In April, 2002, Shanghai Baochi printing new materials Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture. In January, 2004, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the U.S. R E v e s company. The company was renamed Shanghai laifuchi printing new materials Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of spring bud and Vulcan brand printing rubber blanket. In 2005, the sales volume was 19% of the national total, and the export volume was 5% of the national total. On may18,2006, the company held the commencement ceremony of Vulcan blanket production line

star brand rubber blanket

star brand rubber blanket is a rising star of domestic printing equipment - the independent brand cultivated by Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise. It obtained ISO9001:2000 certification before March 2000. The company combines imported technology with digestion and absorption. In just a few years, its output and varieties have increased greatly, and it also undertakes OEM. In 2005, the sales volume was 14% of the national total, and the export volume was 11% of the national total

Youlong rubber blanket

Youlong rubber blanket produced by Shanghai Youlong rubber products Co., Ltd. has a history of more than ten years. As an independent brand, Youlong rubber blanket has been exported abroad earlier. The development of automobile, household appliances, lighting and other markets has led to the increase of consumption of modified plastics year by year. There are also red leaf brands, which undertake the o e M. In 2005, the sales volume was 10% of the national total, and the export volume was 28% of the national total

sanding blanket

sanding brand blanket produced by Shanghai sanding printing rubber products factory has a history of more than ten years. It once stood among the three pillars in the domestic solid cushion blanket market. In 2005, the sales volume was 9% of the national total. In recent years, the export volume has been on the rise, all in the form of OEM, accounting for 18% of the total national export volume. The above five offset blanket manufacturers are located in the suburbs of Shanghai. In 2005, the total sales of the five manufacturers reached 94% of the national total. It is not exaggerated to say that China's offset blanket production base is in Shanghai

elimination and integration of foreign brands

there are more than hundreds of thousands of offset printing plants in the world, but not more than 30 blanket manufacturers. In recent years, due to the elimination and integration of market competition, the number of manufacturers is decreasing day by day. For example, the merger of Dunlop (Dunlop) and cow (cow) in the United Kingdom is renamed DUCO brand; Germany's ContiTech acquired Phoenix; Integration of MAC dermid and rollin, etc

day graphica blanket and davidM blanket

day graphica and davidM are two brands of blanket of American day international company. The company ranks first in the United States. In recent years, it has developed and applied durazone patented technology to improve the foaming layer function of blanket. The company entered the Chinese market earlier and has a large share in the domestic newspaper rotary printing market

Kinyo Jinyang rubber blanket is the brand of Japan Jinyang society. It has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years. Its main products are s7000, s7770 and S7400. The latest products are MC50 and mc26v. The market direction is mainly sheet fed printing machine

phoenix blanket

is a brand blanket produced by the original East German Phoenix company. In 2005, p h o e n I X company was acquired by Germany c o n t i t CH Company. After the merger, this brand is still used. Phoenix entered the Chinese market in the early 1990s. Its main products are 366, 396 and 329. The market direction is mainly single sheet printing machines

in addition to the above three companies, there are numerous companies including DUCO (cardamom) in the UK, ContiTech (ContiTech) in Germany, Fujikura (Fujikura) and Sumitomo (Sumitomo) in Japan, Vulcan (Vulcan) in Italy, Sava (new law) in Slovenia, rollin (rollin) in France, printerc (Pinter) in Brazil, etc. It is also possible that the domestic agents will enter the domestic market by means of their own brands

$page break $market outlook for the next five years

just as China's economic development has attracted global attention, China's economic development must also be integrated into the global economy, and China's large-scale printing will gradually keep up with the law of global economic development. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, under the leadership and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the printing industry will carry out industrial structure adjustment, system and mechanism reform, and continuously improve the technology, operation and management level

the annual growth rate does not exceed double digits

in the next five years, China's offset printing industry will not repeat the road it took five years ago. The basic conditions, environmental conditions and other aspects have changed. For example, in the previous five years, domestic low-speed monochrome machines were largely eliminated, domestic high-speed multi-color offset printing machines shine, and a large number of imported high-speed multi-color offset printing machines have been introduced, resulting in a considerable stock of China's total offset printing machines, Based on the analysis of factors such as the service life, operating rate and economic indicators of offset press, it is expected that the increase of offset press in the next five years will not affect the work efficiency at the same rate as that in the previous five years

in addition, with the continuous improvement of printing machine design and manufacturing technology, the improvement of paper manufacturing industry, the improvement of offset printing production management and operation, and the extension of the service life of blanket, it is expected that the annual growth rate of blanket in China will no longer exceed double digits in the next five years

market differentiation is bound to occur

in the early 1990s, the ratio of air cushion blanket to solid cushion blanket in the domestic offset blanket market was 1:9, and air cushion blanket was used as a "treasure" of high-end offset printing. In recent years, it is said that the ratio of air cushion blanket to solid cushion blanket has reached 2:1. Due to the unbalanced economic development in China, it will take quite a long time for the complete elimination of low-speed monochrome Offset printing machines. There is still a demand for solid cushion blanket, and there will not be no market. For low-speed printing machines, it is very affordable to select appropriate lining and low-cost solid cushion blanket. The problem is that the price war in the domestic market for many years and the continuous rise of international oil have affected the continuous rise of raw materials and auxiliary materials such as rubber and solvent, This makes it unprofitable for blanket manufacturers to produce low-cost solid cushion blanket, which will not reduce the production of solid cushion blanket. The trend of increasing air cushion blanket and decreasing solid cushion blanket will continue

with the opening up of China's printing industry, the demand for printing materials from all walks of life has increased, the level of offset printing technology has improved, the restructuring and integration of state-owned enterprises, the market for iron and steel raw materials has weakened steadily, and transactions are generally concluded. The introduction of foreign-funded enterprises and the vigorous development of private enterprises will certainly change the structure of offset printing industry; Print varieties and print levels will be differentiated. Many years ago, a large number of offset printing machines were imported, making the Chinese printing press market a battlefield for "multinational forces". For users, it is good to have multiple choices, but the use of machines of various brands is different

the manufacturing and production of offset blanket are concentrated in developed countries, while the offset printing market in developed countries has become increasingly saturated. Even due to the progress of electronic publishing network technology and the adjustment and transfer of traditional printing industry, the demand for offset blanket will be reduced. In order to expand the new market, foreign rubber blanket manufacturers are bound to make various brands of rubber blanket enter the Chinese market in various forms. The product differentiation City Ceramic aluminum new material phase I Industrial Park has a production capacity of 500000 ceramic aluminum high-performance pistons, 260000 sets of automobile lightweight parts and 5000 tons of ceramic aluminum new materials

in order to adapt to the improvement of printing level and the development of the market, domestic blanket manufacturers will also launch new blanket products to differentiate blanket products. To sum up, the differentiated demand of offset printing market and the refinement of blanket manufacturers' products have given users more choices, which should be good news for the majority of users

products are further enriched

market economy enriches commodities and makes users God. Just like commodities, in the next five years, the exhibition of many brands of offset blanket at home and abroad will further enrich the domestic offset blanket Market and enable dealers and users to have more choices.

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