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Analysis of network marketing phenomenon in small and medium-sized enterprises

1 Sales network companies have been successful repeatedly. There are many network companies and more sales companies. Chinese enterprises are the most famous in the industry. However, these companies focus on trade. From the previous Chinese domain names to their own station construction, they focus on sales. When prices are sky high, it is best to cover them with cloth. The sales of Chinese enterprises are also first-class. It is obvious to all in the industry, but the effect is unsatisfactory. From the follow-up service, the weakness of the sales type has been reflected. However, it is impossible to say that the sales is too strong. It can coax you down the birds in the sky. I have to say I admire it. It's really good. If you don't believe us, we will use the simplest method to input Chinese enterprise swindlers into major search engines. I'll know. I also admit that many companies can't compare with sales companies at present, but the market is ruined by sales companies, which is also a fact

2. Traditional companies provide information barriers

most of the time, small and medium-sized enterprises lose confidence in oneortwo injuries. There is nothing else to say. Enterprises listen to the company, "God, we don't need this service." There are many such words. Enterprises have always been in the space of information blockage, just relying on some traditional ways to launch their own products and introduce themselves. The long tail is long enough, but many small and medium-sized enterprises like to linger in the long tail and do not want to break through. It has to be said that both enterprises and network service providers have made mistakes

3. Enterprises have misunderstandings about network marketing

it is mentioned that network marketing is a system, but many enterprises do not understand it. If they are hurt by unscrupulous profiteers, they will not bother about it. Moreover, some of the products given to them by unscrupulous profiteers are not right. Profiteers still sell them. Of course, it is difficult for enterprises to receive results. Of course, they naturally think that network marketing is useless. The Internet market should also be investigated, and the market share of the Internet should also be understood—— What kind of strain. Many of these companies do not have networks, but buy their own agent products. Never consider how much return on investment these products can bring to the enterprise

4. Enterprises lack network marketing talents

this is a difficult problem to solve, including students who study e-commerce do not know what Internet marketing is, how to use it, what enterprises should pay attention to and what SEO is. In this way, how can enterprises complete marketing activities and brand building on the Internet. Therefore, it is very difficult for enterprises to engage in network marketing. The general public opinion and education circles call for the number of e-commerce talent gaps in China. 1. The force value of the tensile test machine is measured through the force measuring sensor, expander and data processing system It is known from the data mechanics that under the condition of small deformation, the strain at a certain point of an elastic element ε It is proportional to the force on the elastic element and also proportional to the elastic deformation Taking the sensor of the S-type experimental machine as an example, when the sensor is subjected to the effect of tension P, the strain gauge is pasted on the surface of the elastic element. Since the strain of the elastic element is in direct proportion to the size of the external force P, the strain gauge can be connected to the measuring circuit to measure its output voltage, and then measure the size of the output But only a few people really understand e-commerce, so the information is always asymmetric

it is hard to say what conditions small and medium-sized enterprises need for Internet marketing. The service provided by service providers is not in place, and the market is deteriorating. E-commerce students can't keep up with the times in theory, and enterprises can't get practical help. What should we do? We'd better hide in the small building of the mechanical afterburner used for bending and other mechanical performance experiments, regardless of winter, summer and spring and autumn

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