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Brief analysis of the glass screen printing machine market

[China Packaging News] the glass screen printing machine printing plant faces a variety of market opportunities. It can not only produce industrial products, but also develop personalized products. Most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Of course, it can also provide customers with post press processing or special effect services, or consolidate its position in the market with the help of different glass screen printing machine printing opportunities. Every company must accurately position itself and make decisions that others cannot and will not replace. Today's modern glass screen printing plant must have the most advanced printing equipment and technology to meet the changing production needs of customers. From any perspective, the future of glass screen printing is bright. Its combination with other printing technologies can not only inspire people with new ideas, but also make the glass screen printing machine printing market more diversified

and must have enough cultural heritage to freely use these new technologies; At the same time, employees should be trained and encouraged to complete production tasks within the time specified by customers. In addition, the company's brand promotion and establishing a good relationship with customers for a successful business are equally important. The appearance of high mesh cloth has established a unified standard for the production of glass screen printing machine printing templates. As for ordinary exposure, thermal exposure or digital printing of the diaphragm, it mainly depends on the specific problems and production capacity of different printing plants. At present, the computer direct plate making technology has been widely used in the large format printing process, and the format of some products even exceeds 12m. The computer plate making technology is to spray emulsifier on the positive picture to produce a printing plate, which is more accurate than that produced by small negative picture

special effect printing can improve the value of printed matter. Special inks or coatings help to reflect the texture and characteristics of printed matter. This kind of printed matter can attract more people's attention. This trend is becoming more and more obvious. Many packaging products, advanced business reports and company manuals have adopted this post press processing method. Post press processing and special effect inks are also an attractive market. Amway polyurethane material for glass screen printing is expected to "appear" in the volleyball match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Machine printing has the possibility of using larger particles of pigment and having a thicker ink layer, which should be better used in the future. In addition, the application of aromatic inks in the field of safe printing is an eye-catching market. The development team is not sure what type of commercialization this research may lead to. This technology has also been continuously developed in industrial printing. The surface effect on the matching box can be achieved by glass screen printing on the offset page

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