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Analysis of the key to hardcover book production

Nanjing ed printing has splines placed on the two supports of the fixed machine tool of the experimental machine. The company mainly provides services for the Christian Association of China and is famous for producing luxury hardcover books, including the Bible, Cihai and the art of war of Sun Tzu. Modern Chinese dictionary is a representative hardcover book. The author has been engaged in the management of hardcover production in Nanjing ed Printing Co., Ltd. for many years. Now, I would like to talk about my own views on some practical technical problems that often occur in production, for reference only

correctly understand the paper thread

the thread is the arrangement direction of the paper fiber formed during the continuous rolling process of the remaining plates after the paper production. When the thread direction is parallel to the spine of the book, it is the straight thread, otherwise it is the reverse thread. A correct understanding of paper threads is a very special prerequisite for binding a good book. This characteristic of paper is also of great significance in two-color overprint. The internal stress caused by calendering and pulling in the process of paper production makes the problem of paper strands more complex. This should be fully recognized in the process of design and use

1. in the process of hardcover book processing, all paper materials, including the text, should be used according to the requirements of silk alignment, so as to effectively avoid problems such as uneven book block, wavy ring lining, uneven book block when flipping, and reduced service life of the spine

2. when sweeping the lining, double glue is often applied to the gauze. Excessive water absorbed by the ring lining will cause the fiber to change (because the paper fiber will change in the radial direction after the paper absorbs or loses water), while the longitudinal change is small, making the ring lining extend along the radial direction of the fiber. If it is along the thread, the elongated part will be offset in the process of grooving, and finally appear flat and flat. Otherwise, wrinkles will occur

3. when folding, if the crease direction is perpendicular to the fiber direction (reverse silk folding), the crease is uneven, and the fiber is easy to break, which is the main reason for reducing the service life of books and uneven book block

rational use of adhesives

different adhesives have fundamentally different moisture content and properties, and will have different effects on the materials that need to be bonded

1. different adhesives shall be used for the book cover and PVC cover made of cardboard during lining cleaning

2. the influence of seasonal changes on the adhesive film should be considered when brushing adhesive on the back of the book

3. the drying temperature is well controlled, and the adhesive layer is not enough to dry when it is too low; When it is too high, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of ink melting and book block paper adhesion

4. for coated paper and full plate printing, too fast water evaporation is very harmful, resulting in cracking during rounding

5. the affinity between the cold glue used for the first time and the hot melt glue used for the second time shall be considered during wireless hardcover

6. never store the adhesive overnight. Clean the machine and cover the plastic container at any time after work. Hot melt adhesive and bone glue must not be long-term resistant to repeated heating, or their viscosity and adhesion will be significantly reduced and accompanied by carbonization

standardize folding standard

1. when folding, the size of the pages (base paper or printing sheet) of the same book should be consistent as far as possible. Excessive deviation will affect the adjustment and accuracy of folding

2. after folding, the size of book posts or color inserts should be consistent, otherwise it is not conducive to page matching and sewing. In particular, the length of inner and outer stitches must be consistent when using the stitching process, otherwise there will be string stitches and quality problems. In addition, check whether the book stickers after folding are the same and consistent, and there is a certain deviation. Increase the steel frame structure to turn the vertical experiment into the large and small edges of the horizontal experiment (5-8mm), which can not only improve the sewing efficiency, but also prevent the page falling of the sewing

3. for the cut opening during folding, it is necessary to consider not only the exhaust during baling to avoid "eight" shaped folds, but also the firmness of connecting with China's plastic mechanical dispensing structure to improve the development space of the extruder industry, so as to facilitate the next process

4. the folded Book stickers shall be bound at both ends with hardwood pads in time to eliminate the air in the book pages and eliminate the paper stress caused by folding

5. according to the paper type and folding times, the opening size and the number of openings of the disc knife used for sewing shall be adjusted accordingly. Among them, the opening size is very important. (to be continued)

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