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After the Taijiang fire in Shanghai and Fuzhou, fire-proof building materials have become a hot topic. The fact is that in home decoration, the fire resistance of many building materials products is relatively low, and floors, paints and coatings are also the most likely sources of fire

after the Taijiang fire in Shanghai and Fuzhou, fire-proof building materials have become a hot topic. The fact is that in home decoration, the fire resistance of many building materials products is relatively low, and floors, paints and coatings are also the most likely sources of fire. For the current market situation, consumers should consider the fire resistance when purchasing fire-proof building materials to make your home fire-proof “ Burn &rdquo

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fire resistance of floors can be tested by fire

recently, an investigation was conducted on fire-proof floors, and it was found that the current floor market is still dominated by environmental protection brands, while the publicity on the fire-proof performance of floors is rarely mentioned

in view of this phenomenon, we also learned that as early as April 2010, China began to implement a new fire-retardant floor standard: fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, etc. as the base material, coating or impregnated paper as the finishing material, through fire-retardant treatment, it can reach a certain fire-retardant level, and the wood composite floor with fire-retardant function can reach the fire-retardant standard of B1 level and the smoke toxicity standard

according to the introduction, the floors with fire protection function sold on the market at present are mainly reinforced composite floors, with fiberboard, particleboard, plywood and other substrates, and paint or impregnated paper as facing materials. Through flame retardant treatment, they reach a certain flame retardant level and have flame retardant function. For floors made of other materials, although fireproof layers are also added, the flame retardant effect is not obvious

coatings should not only be environmentally friendly, but also have flame retardancy

when it comes to paint and coatings, the first impression of consumers is that they are environmentally friendly and tasteless, while they rarely understand the function of fire prevention. In fact, the fire resistance of coatings is also very important

but what kind of paint has the function of flame retardancy? According to the reporter, the so-called fireproof coating is painted on the surface of combustible substrate to reduce the flammability and prevent the spread of fire. This material is mostly used in public places with higher safety requirements. According to experts, compared with other ordinary coatings, fire-retardant coatings are applied on the surface of the substrate. In addition to flame retardancy, they also have rust prevention, water resistance, wear resistance and other properties. Pay special attention to comparison when purchasing. Don't be greedy for small and cheap. Carefully read the quality test report of the product, and pay special attention to the fire resistance and flame retardancy

although the flame retardant performance of coatings for daily household decoration is not as good as professional fire-retardant coatings, it is also a water-based coating. For example, water-based wood paint also has the characteristics of non combustible and non explosive high safety, which can also be used normally in ordinary families

the selection of door panels should be treated with fireproof panels

when selecting door panels, because they are mainly wood, fire prevention factors should also be taken into account when selecting. For door panels with fire-proof function, the base material is particleboard, moisture-proof board or density board, and the surface is fireproof board, which is a kind of material used more and more in the market at present

the construction of fire-proof board has high requirements for gluing. The thickness of fire-proof board is generally 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm, and the price is about 40~50 yuan higher than that of ordinary door board. Such veneer can be selected for ordinary cabinet door board

in addition, most people choose ordinary wooden strips for ceiling and wall decoration. Many consumers take this as a matter of course, but they don't realize that it has buried potential safety hazards. Industry insiders suggest: when decorating, try to choose flame-retardant materials and carefully choose combustible materials. For example, you can choose artificial stone or natural stone countertops in the cabinet countertops. Moreover, the wooden keel needs to be treated with fire prevention when suspended, that is, the keel surface is painted with two coats of fire-proof paint

decoration design: three steps for fire prevention

preliminary design circuit design should be easy to operate

in the design process before decoration, from the design of the whole space to the layout of sockets and wires, it is inseparable from family fire prevention. When decorating, first of all, we should make a reasonable plan for the whole space to maintain the smoothness of the space, and pay special attention to the placement of furniture, which should not hinder the room space channel

and in the early design process, the most important thing is the layout of pipelines and switches

with the continuous increase in the number and power of household electrical appliances, it is common to catch fire due to overload caused by unreasonable circuit design. According to Dong Lei, Fang Lin's decoration designer, when designing the circuit, it is best to place the strong current box in a position that is easy to operate. In case of circuit danger, the owner can turn off the main gate as soon as possible. And when choosing wires, we should choose insulated copper core wires or flame-retardant insulated copper core wires from regular manufacturers

in addition, when laying electrical lines in the ceiling or interlayer, be sure to put insulated metal pipes or flame-retardant pipes. Inflammables and combustibles shall be strictly separated during construction

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