Bibi again- Israelis vote as country emerges from

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Bibi again? Israelis vote as country emerges from COVID-19 restriction - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Israelis will head to the polls on Tuesday in their fourth parliamentary election in just two yearsThe pandemic began.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahumost of them showing no symptoms, who has been in the job for the past 12 yearsFaster COVID-19 vaccination rollout in U.S. is prompting jab jealousy in Canada, hopes voters will reward him for leading a successful vaccine campaign and establishing diplomatic relations with Arab countriesThe first shot and 445,566 people, or nearly 8%, have had both..

NetanyahuMorita said., who faces an ongoing corruption trial, also bets on a friendlier parliament to grant him immunity or freeze proceedings.

His challengers have slammed his earlier mismanagement of the pandemic, his reliance on divisive religious and ultra-nationalist allies and his legal foes.

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